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Anti static technical index requirements in electronic produ

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(1) The grounding resistance of anti-static grounding electrode is less than 10 Ω.
(2) Ground or mat: surface resistance 105-1010 Ω; Friction voltage < 100V.
(3) Wall: resistance value 5 × 104-109Ω。
(4) Worktable or pad: surface resistance value 106-109 Ω; Friction voltage < 100V; The resistance to the ground system is 106-108 Ω.
(5) The resistance of the work chair facing the casters is 106-108 Ω.
(6) Friction voltage of work clothes, hats and gloves < 300V; Sole friction voltage < 100V.
(7) Wrist strap connecting cable resistance 1m Ω; When wearing wrist strap, the system resistance is 1-1om Ω. Heel strap (shoe harness) system resistance 0.5 × 105-108Ω。
(8) The resistance of the logistics platform facing the wheel system is 106-109 Ω.
(9) The first surface resistance of material box, turnover box, PCB rack and other logistics transmission appliances is 103-108 Ω; Friction voltage < 100V.
(10) The friction voltage of package generation and box I is less than 100V.
(11) The comprehensive resistance of human body is 106-108 Ω.