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Common sense of purification and cleaning process of anti-st

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The cleaning method of anti-static clothing is also very important. Generally, it needs to be cleaned with pure water. If conditions permit, it can be vacuum packaged without direct touch with the outside world. The anti-static clothing needs to be cleaned twice a week. After 50-100 cleaning operations, it should be handed over to professional testing to check whether the clothing can be scrapped. Discarded clothing should not be enabled from scratch.
Anti static clothing cleaning process
Sorting: after receiving the customer's clothes to be washed, sort them first, and then send them to the covered plastic box to avoid aggravation of pollution.
Pretreatment: repair and disposal of some damage and button falling during the use of anti-static clothes. Pre decontamination treatment shall be carried out for special pollution projects to be cleaned.
Dust free cleaning: the pretreated anti-static clothes enter the control area (clean room) after being cleaned by the planned washing machine through the special channel in the non control area.
Dust free drying: clean anti-static clothes are dried by a dust-free dryer in the clean room.
Folding inspection: the dried purified anti-static clothes shall be folded and inspected together. Those that fail to pass the inspection shall enter the cleaning process from the beginning or be replaced.
Cleanliness inspection: the Helmke drum inspection instrument can check the cleanliness grade and the number of dust particles of the cleaned purified anti-static clothing
ESD inspection: check ESD function to ensure the anti-static function of purifying anti-static clothing.
Purification and packaging: through the full view of the purification and anti-static clothing and sealed packaging in the purification packaging bag, it will become a qualified commodity.